Walking makes the soul talk

Walking takes away the hurry and pressures of everyday life. Walking for a longer period of time clears the mind. Your mind is taken off the daily grind and, after a while, you begin to see what is left. Absorbing the scenery creates room for deeper thought. Your pace changes. Your senses begin to perceive the world differently: they awaken to the miracle of creation around you and your being part of it. Silence comes back to you…. Room for rest, perhaps also unrest, or even fear of the void. You may well be painfully confronted with your physical limits. In any event, something happens to you.

Walking generates time and room in our mind for questions that go beyond our daily concerns, questions that are to do with meaning and the essence of life. These questions may even be about something that is not of this world, the Unnamable, God. Perhaps you feel or sense that there has to be more to life than material things alone. In our constant rush and pursuit of material things – driven by the desire for more, better, faster, bigger, more beautiful and more expensive – we dash past what is really essential to life. These essentials are not material; they are invisible to the eye. Yet those things that are invisible to the eye touch on our inmost being, touch our soul.

Sometimes you may wish to have someone come along with you on the way, someone to talk to about the invisible and essential, to make room for your soul to speak again. Walking makes the soul talk.