My offer in the Netherlands

My offer in the Netherlands
I would like to come along on this journey with you, literally and figuratively, as a spiritual director.

Together we will embark on this journey, on foot… on the way to tranquillity and peace. When the rush of everyday life has gone out of your system, we will see what is left. There is room for anything that presents itself.

This is an offer to anyone who would like to go the way of a more profound spiritual life. If you are not or no longer able to walk, I can also come to you and sitting down we can talk about your pilgrimage in life. You will find quotes from people who have made a walk to connect to their soul again under the heading “Experiences of soul searchers”.

I am not offering you a standard package: my offer is tailored to your personal needs rather than the needs of a group. Together we will decide what suits you best. There are many possibilities: the duration of the walk may range from half a day to a day, several days over a longer period of time, or several consecutive days. We determine the distance and plan the route together. We also determine the fee you are going to pay me together – if necessary, I will take your means into consideration as much as possible. In case of walks of several days, we will meet each other before the walk to get to know each other.

After the walk I will ask you to take a few days to reflect on your walking experience and what we talked about and put your thoughts to paper. A fragment of this text may be published, anonymously, on this website under “Experiences of soul searchers”.

What I can offer you is best summarised in the words of the Irish singer Mary Black:

Come on walk with me, talk with me. Tell me your stories I’ll do my very best to understand you.